Mudville Comedy is made up of Los Angeles-based comedians, Minhdzuy Khorami & Greg Smith. Together, we're celebrating our love of pop culture, comic books, television and music by creating nerdy music for nerdy people! We've been around since the day Breaking Bad ended and we can be seen performing live at UCB, The Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and all sorts of other venues!


Original Songs

We love to spend our time creating songs and videos that celebrate the world we live in. Our goal is to reach out to other nerdy people with our music to simply try our best to bring a smile to your face. These include songs about Disney, our friendship with Danny DeVito, or even our favorite holiday-themed sandwiches.

Rejected Songs

We have a small, humble dream of becoming the next big theme song composers in Hollywood. With this goal in mind, we've spent a lot of time recording video tapes of our ideas for theme songs for big movies, TV shows and video games, and sending them to famous directors. So far, nobody has wanted to use our theme songs yet, but we'll keep trying.

The Mudville Show

While some people like to wait for Hollywood to greenlight their TV shows before making them, we went ahead and started producing our own episodes. You might describe it to others as a "fake sitcom," but to us, it's just as real as Bagel Bites. Plus, we sent a letter to Dick Wolf asking him to executive produce and he's never written back saying "No!"

Short Films

Sometimes, we like to relax and make weird little shorts that don't completely fit in to a series. These are our short films and include things from a silent, surreal day where Minhdzuy can't find anyone to eat lunch with, to an unorthodox police interrogation. This is our playground, and you'll see some seriously weird stuff come out of it!

Live Shows

Being comedians in LA, we can often be seen performing live! We've made appearances around town playing at the Nerdmelt Theater, The Nerdist Theater, Second City, and on the Geek & Sundry channel. We've even had a show running at the UCB Theatre.

Book Us or Hire Us!

We're very talented! We're also available to perform in your shows or to write a song for you! Isn't that neat? Just contact us at MudvilleComedy@gmail.com for details.

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