Hi, Mudville Citizens! Minhdzuy here. Mudville has been around for a year now, and after writing many songs together, we’ve finally put together a little trailer explaining a little bit about who we are and what we do.

Greg and I are best friends, and if you ever see us perform together, you’ll see us goofing off and laughing together a lot. We want to share that fun with everyone else and bring a little smile to the rest of the world. Best way we know how to do that? Singing our dumb, dumb songs.

As for this site itself, This whole site is still being developed and stuff, but eventually, we’ll post new things here about new video releases, live appearances, and maybe some of just what we’re doing! You guys can see our other videos by visiting the channel here, or you can tweet to us @MudvilleComedy. The BEST thing to do is click on that little e-mail sign-up on the left sidebar and you’ll get e-mail updates from us!

Cool! Well, enjoy what’s here for now! There will be much more to come very soon!



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