One thing that not everyone might know about us is that we’re both majority shareholders in the Walt Disney Company. And what an exciting time for our little company! Not only do we have arguably the best animation departments in Pixar and in our in-house team, but we also have Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, and oh, so many things!

Now, we understand that some people might think that this is a bad thing. Some people might say that one company shouldn’t own everything, but consider the possibilities! We could have such fun crossovers! Everything could take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Wouldn’t that be fun? Why, just a few months ago, we saw the joy that a Guardians of the Galaxy and Frozen crossover could bring!

We think you’ll come around to our side soon enough. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this, as well as Big Hero 6, Toy Story 4, and all the Marvel movies from now through 2020!

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