Here in Mudville, we hold very strong beliefs about the already established world of Star Wars. When it comes to new movies, what’s the point? The best 3 movies have already come out! After all, that Jar Jar Binks brought us the greatest amount of joy and laughs that anyone could bring in the Star Wars universe. So we say, Phantom Menace for life! Maybe the Force Awakens in this next installment, but it’s got some pretty big shoes to fill!

Podracing for life!

Mudville is Minhdzuy Khorami & Greg Smith, two musicians and comedians living in LA. We can be seen performing LIVE around town. Make sure to sign up for the e-mail list to stay up to date with posts from the site! We’ll let you know when and where to find us. Plus, subscribe on YouTube to get all new songs from us every month! In fact, there will be TWO new ones this month! You won’t want to miss that!

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