Ah, Christmas. A time to take a break from school and work by neglecting all those around you and playing video games in your room for 2 weeks. But how fun are video games if you play them by yourself? Wouldn’t you rather spend them playing with your friends and family? That’s what Video Game Christmas is all about!

We wrote this song a full year ago and never got around to shooting it for a few reasons: 1) we couldn’t find a suitable location for it and 2) we had no idea how to take the piano version of what we had and converting it into a legit sounding chiptune track. Instead, we opted to shoot our Earl of Sandwich Holiday Turkey Sandwich video and save this one for next year.


Not only have we learned so much more about our own capabilities this year, but we’ve also met some of the coolest, friendliest people who have made our little video-producing projects all the more fun and rewarding.

This year, we had Nicole Villela: 1) become best friends with Minhdzuy and 2) start shooting most of our videos. We also met Joe Heinen, who did the amazing work making our song into a cool chiptune track. Minhdzuy and Nicole met Jenny while they worked at BuzzFeed and in their brief time there, they became friends, and she came over to shoot this! She was a really good sport about jumping in place for about 5 minutes straight.

Another big thing is that Amber and I started dating this year and moved into a small house together, which became our set! So everything fell into place!

And then Minhdzuy also learned how to edit passably enough to make all the effects look somewhat cool. This is Minhdzuy writing this, so Minhdzuy will stop talking in the third person now.

We also already knew Laura Malone Hunt (my sister) and Chris Corbin (not my sister), but they’re still great, so we let them come and do their thang. Their part is sped up to 600 times, but the stuff they’re saying is pretty funny. Someone should give them a show.

Thank you for watching this! It means a whole lot to us and it feels like the culmination of so many different moving parts and pieces. And we’ve still got 4 more songs leading up to Christmas! So keep an eye out because we’ve got even more cool stuff headed your way next year!

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