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Hill's Pet Learn how to spot signs of excessive dry skin in cats, what could be causing your kitty's skin irritation, and how you can help treat it. Conjunctivitis and Corneal Disease in Cats. Weight gain indicates cat eyes problem increase in body fat and usually results when your cat eats too much and exercises too little. Hill's - Transforming Lives. Your veterinarian will work to identify what is troubling cat eyes problem teary-eyed friend. Here are six eye disorders you're likely to encounter:
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Our Office 32nd St. If this is determined to be the cause, your veterinarian may prescribe further treatments to control this virus and prevent further flare-ups. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtube.

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Feline Eye Inflammation

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Feeding your cat a high quality meat-based cat food , staying up-to-date on vaccinations, keeping her indoors and limiting her exposure to strange cats who might be contagious can all go a long way toward protecting your cat's eyes—not to mention her overall health and quality of life.

Eye Inflammation in Cats

Common symptoms of an eye problem in your cat include watery eyes, discharge , excessive blinking, squinting, or pawing at the eye. If your cat has any of these. Learn about common eye problems in cats, such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, as well as their causes, symptoms and treatment options. Our feline pets have numerous eye issues, some of which are similar to eye issues in dogs. Eye conditions can be considered an emergency in.
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Having your feline compadre sit still while you apply the medication can be extremely challenging.

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Choosing the right dog food. Often, the medical history and the clinical signs present are sufficient to aid in diagnosis, but sometimes special tests are needed. Have your family veterinarian examine your pet. The URT often precedes ocular disease. FHV-1 is a very common virus in cats, and most of the cats on this planet have it, and are exposed to it when they are small kittens.
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Ulcers that go deep into the eye may require surgery. If an upper respiratory illness is present, your vet may treat that as well.
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In older cats and those in stable environments, the sudden onset of an eye infection may indicate that it has arisen secondary to another problem. Trauma to the. Cat vision is different than ours, that's for sure, but, like us, they can have diseases and conditions that affect their eye health. Here are seven of the most. Learn about common eye problems in cats, such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, as well as their causes, symptoms and treatment options.
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