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December 5,2: This special pledge tier is limited to copies and includes a signed book as well as the exclusive shiny version of the enamel pin. November 29,5: Kickstarter is not a store. Gamer cat kinda looks and reminds me of this cat. I'm afraid I cannot control how the gamer cat shipping will cost. September 13,4:
Lucky - Age: 19
Price - 164$

April 27, , 9: Listen to this… read the comic… wait for the dubstep part. Will humans ever be able to understand him?

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These will be included free with every Volume 2 book if these goals are hit. A cat who does funny human activities that confuses and at times infuriates his owner. I understand that international rates may be a major deterrent and I wish I could do something about them.

Hello again!

About the Comic. The GaMERCaT is a weekly webcomic that mixes gaming. I've encountered all of these glitches and more (except the. He's a cat. He plays video games. Check him out on Facebook! https://www.
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Harley Quinn - Age: 27
Price - 114$

Congratulations cats, you beat me xD. April 22, , 9:

About the Comic

April 27, , 5: Thank you for this information. September 13, , 7: The slice-of-life comic features an appropriately-named cat with access to a large library of games and an over-active imagination, who literally dives into popular franchises and tackles topics in gamer life from a cat's perspective. All is right with the world.
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Penny - Age: 28
Price - 106$

June 25, , 6: Kickstarter is not a store. This comic describes the relationship between my cats and me.
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I've encountered all of these glitches and more (except the. Characters. GaMERCaT. He's a cat. He likes to play video games. He often has . About the comic. Hello, everybody! My name is Samantha Whitten and I am the artist of The GaMERCaT, a web comic about a cat that plays video games.
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    But I didn’t say that to the old man.

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    It was bad that day. Men died all round me. ‘Perhaps I’ll die next,’ I thought. But I wasn’t afraid!

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