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Blood tests and complete blood counts may be needed in cases which Feline Leukemia Virus or cancer are suspected. Cat dilated pupil injuries to the eye, even minor ones, may result in the pupil constricting as the eye will be more sensitive overall but should be only for a short time; just to be on the safe side cat dilated pupil the eye gently with sterile saline and apply some ophthalmic antibiotic ointment to the eye. This is often due an incredibly characteristic form which their pupils take on, but, what does it mean if they are completely round? If vision loss or blindness have occurred in the cat, they are often not reversible. Add a comment to Kodi's experience.
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Add a comment to MrKitty's experience. If tumors are found, surgery may be an option.

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Why Does My Cat Have Dilated Pupils? - Principle Causes

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There are various causes for unequal pupil size which may be localised to the eye infection, uveitis, trauma, glaucoma among others or may be due to other factors head trauma, poisoning, neurological disorders etc….

Unequal Pupil Size in Cats

Dilated pupils are enlarged pupils which don't change shape when light is increased. The medical name for this condition is mydriasis. When I came home yesterday, my year-old cat had one eye that was dilated and one that was normal. What could be wrong with my cat's eyes? My cat isn't. Pain can also be indicated by either a constricting or dilating of your cat's pupils. Pain in the eyes themselves is usually accompanied by the constricting of a.
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Unequal Pupil Size in Cats

Is there a condition that matches this description? My cat got some tubes of medicine put in his ears to treat ear infections. They will be able to examine her and make sure that she is still basically okay, or if she needs different treatment. If eye infections are found, the responsible bacteria will be identified and the appropriate antibiotics will be prescribed. My rescued cat's eyes are always dilated. We took our 13 year old cat into the vet as she just didn't seem herself for a couple of weeks.
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Pupil dilation in cat can occurs as a psychological reaction or as a result of a disease, so it is important not to ignore your cat if they are. Understand how cats communicate with their eyes, from arousal What cats say is often determined by the position of the eyelids and dilation of the eyes. excitement—can result in the sudden contraction of the cat's pupil. Primary hypertension is poorly understood in feline medicine. These abnormalities can include dilated pupils that do not constrict with light.
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