How to introduce two cats

These items should be those that came with the cat, or brand-new. At how to introduce two cats times the new cat is still kept separated. Never force the cats together and try to observe passively. Ideally, pick a room that your resident cat does not use much and that you do not need constant access too, perhaps a spare bedroom or study. For the new cat, this may help to speed up adaption to the new environment and, for the resident cat, it may help prevent any feelings that its territory is being threatened. Start by gradually introducing the scent of the other cat to each cat how to introduce two cats actually physically meeting.
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Instead, the cats should be happy going about their own activities while being able to glance at one another. Conversely, the new cat could be temporarily removed from its room and confined elsewhere to allow the resident cat to explore the room.

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How to Introduce Two Cats | Blue Buffalo

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This process can be repeated for more than one piece of bedding. Once commenced, free unsupervised access should be as frequent as possible.

How to introduce a new adult cat to your cat

The first thing folks do wrong is they go "I'm just gonna bring my cat into a room with this new cat and let 'em work it out." How many times have I. Trying to figure out How to Introduce Cats the best way possible? Blue Buffalos GUIDE to introducing a 2nd or maybe 3rd cat to your familys lovable litter will. How you introduce a new cat or kitten into your home can, however, make a If you already have two or more cats that get on well, another.
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Once the cat is fully comfortable in its own part of the home, it is time to begin the process of introducing the cats to one another. The general rule of thumb is one toileting area per cat, plus one more.

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Physical access but supervised contact This next stage should only occur when cats are fully comfortable with seeing one another through a barrier. A cat that shows negative behaviours towards the bedding such as actively avoiding it or even hissing at it may be less likely to accept a new cat into its home and therefore will need to progress through the steps at a much slower pace. It is a good idea to install Feliway diffusers in your home one or two days before you bring your new cat home - ideally one in the area set aside for your new cat and one in the main area of the house. Furthermore, the crate should always contain a hiding place for the cat to remove itself from visual view. Contact your vet who will be able to provide you with advice or refer you to a qualified behaviourist. At this stage, it is particularly important that each cat has its own resources in separate locations from each other ie, not all in one room and from the resources of the other cat s in the household as this will help prevent the cats from feeling in competition with one another.
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Social behaviour Cats have very different social needs compared to dogs and people. It may take weeks or months for a cat to adjust to their new lifestyle.
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How you introduce a new cat or kitten into your home can, however, make a If you already have two or more cats that get on well, another. Large cardboard boxes with holes cut in two sides make great hiding places. The second hole allows the cat to escape if cornered by another cat. The boxes will. It is always going to be potentially difficult to introduce a new adult cat to your The idea behind scent swapping is that both cats become fully comfortable in the .
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