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Although it ranked most expensive pet highest on our condensed list of cities for outdoor-friendliness, it ranks exceptionally poor for pet-related expenses. And most expensive pet it if you can, this chicken is all black. World's first cloned dog, Lancey, as he's dearly called, is now father to a couple of litters of his own. Because you don't know that your pet needs a tiara, a tracksuit, and perfume until you know that your pet needs a tiara, a tracksuit, and perfume. Who would keep a beetle as a pet, right?
Rascal - Age: 28
Price - 77$

Boston is one of the few cities representing the Northeast in the race for most expensive places to own a pet. The sun, the views, and the atmosphere all make Santa Ana a premier destination outside of Los Angeles. They could, however, make up the difference in increased security deposit amounts and noncompliance fees.

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15 of the Most Expensive Pet Products | TheThings

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WalletHub gives it a paltry overall pet-friendly score of

These 15 Animals Are The Most Expensive Pets In The World & They Will Empty Your Life Savings

What is the most expensive pet in the world? You may be surprised to know that the record is held by a Kentucky Derby bred horse named The. A1 Savannahs Last month's record setting purchase of a Tibetan Mastiff for more than $ million dollars turned heads from around the world. February is Responsible Pet Owner's Month, and one of the most responsible things a prospective pet owner can do is prepare for the upfront.
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Stewie - Age: 19
Price - 165$

Just like the white lions, Lavender albinos are a product of recessive genes. Who knew that Roberto Cavalli made pet clothes too? They have tall, slender, dainty bodies and are unlike the other cats.

2. Miss Missy

A jump, a lick and a cuddle is all you need and the world really does seem like a better place. Follow The Cheat Sheet on Facebook! But animal lovers must weigh the pros and cons of ownership on the coast. Like in Portland, Seattle residents face high costs for pet-related expenses. Now that's super fast.
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Inky - Age: 20
Price - 126$

And why wouldn't you. When Nina and Edgar's beloved Labrador, Sir Lancelot passed away suddenly, they could not bear the loss.
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The pup was sold at a premium pet fair in the eastern province of which reported that the animal was the most expensive dog sold at the time. Because you don't know that your pet needs a tiara, a tracksuit, and perfume until you know that your pet needs a tiara, a tracksuit, and perfume. When it comes to being a true animal lover, no matter how expensive an animal might be, you still contemplate getting one for yourself, don't.
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